founder and lead pastor of Life.Church, New York Times bestselling author


"When Holden told me at sixteen that he was going to interview 500 of the top leaders he could find, I didn’t expect that he would make it. Boy, was I wrong. He didn’t just cross the finish line of his project, he blasted over it with blazing passion. But even crazier than Holden’s remarkable project is the story behind it of his desperate search for truth, life, and God. Buckle up—you’re in for an explosive ride."




Bring the Fire: II Edition (2020) coming soon! Pre-order and read the intro here.

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Read about and order the original Bring the Fire (2018) here.


New York Times bestselling author of The Circle Maker, lead pastor of National Community Church


"From the day I first met Holden, I knew he was a dream chaser! His journey of 500 interviews with Christ-following leaders—including me––was fueled by the dream of answering the question, 'What does it mean to truly live?' In Bring the Fire, Holden chases down that question and reveals the daring adventure of it that we all crave, but often lose sight of, don’t believe is real, or never even knew existed."


president and CEO of Kanakuk Ministries


"Holden is a determined young man! His compelling desire for answers led him on a journey of seeking truth from 500 strong Christian leaders. I am honored to be among the list that he interviewed, and I trust this book will not only share his inspiring story but also inspire those who read it."




founder of Soulcon Ministries


"Holden lives with a passion that I hope every person gets to experience. A passion comparable to David sprinting to fight Goliath in the Valley of Elah. A passion that will truly change the world if caught. Do me a favor, read this book, catch this fire, and never slow down."


founder and CEO of Hobby Lobby, philanthropist


"Being part of Holden’s journey has been a joy. How many sixteen-year olds would even start, less finish interviewing 500 Christ-driven leaders? In Bring the Fire, Holden’s story will challenge and inspire you with the truth of what real success is. I urge every young person to read this book, as it holds value for all of us."




president of Museum of the Bible, author of Lifting Up the Bible


"When Holden first asked to include me in his project of 500 interviews, I thought here is a young man who might actually be able to accomplish such a gigantic undertaking. And accomplish it he sure did––at a level of great excellence. Bring the Fire pulls together wisdom from hundreds of incredible leaders who have been through life’s storms but live all the brighter with God’s fire."


founder of Sermon on the Mount and Leaders by Heart


"There’s little to compare to the gallantry of a young warrior on a righteous quest! Undaunted by the gargantuan task of finding and fulfilling a destiny, Holden fans to flame the embers of our own hearts! It is not “the wisdom of the wise” but the “commonness of the journey” that ignites us in this very raw, but very real transformation! Catch the fire and BRING IT!"


author of Whatever the Cost, speaker, entrepreneur

"The day I met Holden I saw a mirror image of a younger me: a bit unsure of myself at times, quite overconfident at other times, but desperately wanting to make a difference for Christ. Having watched Holden’s journey from a distance, I dare say his story will rekindle a fire for Christ in your life just as it has to mine."