is an American born lover of Jesus Christ, adventurer, author, and speaker. Holden is the son of two entrepreneurial parents and is the oldest of five siblings. Throughout high school, his unquenchable curiosity led him on a journey of seeking truth from 500 Christ-following leaders. Through that journey, God used Holden’s personal struggles and battles to erupt an untamable fire in his heart for Jesus––a fire that he now sees as his calling to spread across the world.


Growing up in a passionate, outspoken family, Holden discovered his knack for speaking at an early age. With a love for telling stories and eliciting emotion, he often uses his talents on stage as a way to challenge people with the same questions he wrestles with himself. Questions about life, purpose, and God. And, he sees speaking as a way to help others find the truth behind those questions––the real source of his passion.

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